Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is...

for things to change. Who says we should be stressed out and in debt by mid December? Why not do something different this year? Shake it up. Here are some ideas for gifts that benefit those that make them or just benefit those in need. If you have others to share, please leave a comment!


Tom's Shoes (one pair of shoes purchased = one pair of shoes to a child without...their next drop is Ethiopia)

Timbali Crafts (handicrafts/bags Swaziland)

Suubi (necklaces)

AHOPE (bracelets, t-shirts, etc)

Compassion International

Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog

Heifer International

Mocha Club

Orphan's Ticket Home

Africa Bags

Water for Christmas

Ten Thousand Villages

Gobena Coffee

Now, can someone help me figure out what to get our nephews, 4-11? Something tells me one of you dear readers will know!

This shopping will make your heart feel full, not anxious. Let me know what you find!


Rob & Candy said...

Hi Jill! I love your shopping links. If you still want to buy from an organization that will help people check out UNICEF.
my mom bought Igor a couple items from their catalog last year.
They don't have a huge assortment of children's items but they have some puzzles and games.
There are some fair trade toy stores online too. check out- world of good- they have an e-bay store with childrens toys.
Good luck and happy shopping

the Steiger's said...

I love my "Africa bag'.
When it comes to the boys I would get them one of the fun raiser tshirts. I got few for my boys for Ethiopian Christmas. I am sure they will love it.
hey, how is life back in US? Missing Europe? I am. Thinking going there next year.
love, Lenka

Amy and Amelia AiChun said...

One of things we like to do is pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. Amelia and I shop together and talk about children who might not have presents for Christmas. Operation Christmas Child delivers boxes to children all over the world, including Africa, Asia, and the United States. Last year, all our family rec'd "gifts" from the Samaritan's Purse catalog. Hey, if you have everything you could possibly need - and more - then a flock of chickens is just the thing! We also like Love Without Boundaries, which provides medical care, foster care, nutritional support, and educational opportunities for orphans in China. Some of the children go on to be adopted, but many will spend their lives in the orphanages. I do indulge in some "traditional" shopping children in my life, though. I am trying to be conscientious of not going overboard. Really, our kids have everything and then some! As for boys, anything electronic is the ticket. Hand-held games, remote control cars/trains, etc.

Amy B

Team Dragovich said...

Your so good, Jill! You found so many! I stopped at Saints Coffee, and AHOPE. I did contact Kingdom Vision International about child sponsorship and 5 for Fifty along the same lines. But, I will have to check out all your sites. Most of them I sort of know, but it will be fun looking further!
Hope you are having a wonderful Advent season!
Love, Shari