Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the road again!

Sunday morning after Christmas, we went to our beloved First Baptist Church for the last time. Next time we go, they will be in a new building. This is the church we were raised in, baptized in and married in. A church is the people, not the building, but lots of special milestones happened here. It was neat to walk through the hallways and remember 1st grade Sunday School, painting the youth department, working the nursery, serving in ministry, etc. Silas had fun in the nursery because Aunt Katy was working his room.
Silas and PawPaw had some good laughs together.

Still lots of walking with assistance but no interest in doing it by himself. With so many people at his service, I don't blame him for holding out. :)

We spent New Year's Eve playing Wii Bowling and laughing a lot. Competitive fun would be an understatement.

"Happy New Year! Now where is that waitress!?"

Back to Texas with a stop in Georgia.

Vicksburg, Mississippi Battleground...we spent the night in Vicksburg. Marshall hoped I would forget that I wanted us to go through the Battleground. ;)

Sophie and I got out and explored on the tour.

Battleship Museum

Silas slept through his first Battleground tour. Don't worry, sweets, we have the tour CD so we can stop many more times.

So fun to stop in Georgia and spend time with Buddy, Gloria, Ben and Amy.
So good to be home again, but I'd make the trip again tomorrow. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family whom we adore.

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