Tuesday, April 15, 2008

travel progress

We've watched miracle after miracle unfold in this adoption. Just this week we've watched details come together that God is IN. Marshall got clearance (permission) to travel through Sudan and in Ethiopia. We bought our plane tickets today. To see Silas' name on a plane ticket makes it even more real. He's coming home with us! And we're confirmed for a bassinet on the plane ride home. Hallelujah!!

I've gone into total "list" mode. This means that I have a long Word document titled "Things to Do for Travel" and another titled "Things to Pack for Ethiopia". I'm a list girl. I enjoy marking things off. In fact, I enjoy it so much that sometimes when I accomplish something not on my list, I go ahead and write it after the fact and immediately draw a line through it. Some call it certifiable, I call it visual! I'm breaking down the long To Do list down each day so I can stay focused on something other than we are leaving in 10 days.

Being busy has helped me not go crazy thus far.

I've decided that I'm through with winter. I have stopped wearing my winter coat. You may see me walking the dog in flip flops. I will not put that stinkin' coat back on. I want my capris! I want my flip flops! (Don't worry, I would not be as careless with Silas and dress him inappropriately for the weather at hand.)

I may just get my way. It's summer weather in ET...mid to upper 70's. I can't wait!!

We will also be there during Orthodox Easter. I think it will be special to celebrate our Risen Savior again. (ET is about half Orthodox Christian and half Muslim, give or take.)

So, that's what's going on. Still much to be done, but we are so close to having our boy. So close. I'm off to cross things off of my list....

Thanks for checking in!


Sherry said...

I'm a list girl too, so I totally get the adding things accomplished onto the list, just so you can cross them off! I am so excited for you Jill!! Counting down the days with you!

Sherry Semlow :)

philwing said...

i do the list "add/cross-off" as well. we can all be crazy together i guess!

Amber said...

(sorry, my husband was still signed up, but it was me posting that last comment! www.wingadoption.blogspot.com)

Bethany said...

Jill, we are so excited for you and can't wait to hear of you ET journeys! I have also decided that winter should officially be over. Here in Virginia we had some gorgeous 70 degree days last week so I broke out the capri's and sandals for church on Sunday and it dropped back into the low 50's! ARGH!!! I'm still hoping though!

Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

we are totally list people too! way to go...and i know what you mean about writing it in and then drawing a line through it...you are amongst friends :-) with you on the no more winter rant too...i've been wearing my flip flops to spite any trace of cold weather! yay for plane tickets!!! aaaahhhhhhh!

shawn and tisha said...

I also write things I've already done on my lists just so I can check them off...I thought I was the only one. :) I'm so happy to hear how God is working everything out for you guys. I can't wait to see you and Silas together. :)

Heather and Stephen said...

That is so funny. LOVE lists. I get mad if I do something and someone else crosses it off. I WANNA DO IT! :)
I'm so happy and excited for you guys. I saw your hubby yesterday, and he was grinning from ear to ear!
Also, I LOVE the pic on the side titled "legs". hehehe. Silas has a "what trouble might I find when I can walk?!" look.

Rob & Bri said...

Well- it looks like you swim with like fish- we all seem to be list makers. Even with the lists I am awake at night running the to-do's of an exciting day through my head- and, girl, do you have a pretty exciting day coming up for you! Don't forget to save those airplane ticket stubs- they definetly need a place is Sila's baby book.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jill, it is HERE : ) . Go listgirl, keep yourself busy! I am ecstatic for you 3 (and Sophie too). Will be a big "wah, wah" session when you post those first pics of you as family together. Can't wait to see Silas in your arms. Your faithful reader, cheer-er and so very proud of you friend, sabrina

Team Dragovich said...

Just think... Next year at this time you WILL be wearing flip flops, capris and no coat legitimately-- because you will be in North Cakilacka with TEAM DRAGOVICH!!!!! I get the list thing, girl-- I do the same thing... looks like lots of us do!!! Lists are good; keeps us tracking; passes the time-- using it wisely. You know, all that stuff :D!!


Carpenters said...

I remember these last hurried days before travel. They are wonderfully busy. I ditto the list thing. There is just something very satisfying about crossing off a "to do". I am so happy for you and can't wait to see Silas in your arms!

With Love,

Jori said...

He is so adorable!!! I am so happy for you with the clearance and the great weather!!! :):) Can't wait to "meet" you altogether!!
Blessings, Jori

K.P. said...

Sometimes, if I don't write in the things that actually DO get accomplished, then I wouldn't have anything to cross off. Life...interupted. :)
You go girl!