Sunday, April 6, 2008

snow, real snow!

I met Marshall down in Garmisch on Wednesday. He had a conference and I got to go along for the ride and enjoy the fellowship (Farkle!) and relaxation. It was there we got the official news that if all goes well on Friday, we will travel to Ethiopia on 25 April to pick up Mr. Squishy Cheeks.

This is snow, by the way. The flakes were HUGE like floating cotton balls.

I made a list today of all that needs to be done before we go. It's really not bad. I just need to come up with a plan and check items off of the list, one by one.

This is what I woke up to on Thursday morning:

Here is my handsome man on the streets of Garmisch and me from the opposite direction...maybe we should get a tripod so we can be together? I'm sparing you the self portraits this time...

Sophie enjoyed her time at her vacation home with staff to meet her every need. When we picked her up she was in the office and it was like she was inviting us in to show us her digs. She has reservations at the spa for our ET trip and the days the packers come to pack us out. Maybe Silas and I will check into the hundepension with her. This is her new favorite friend....she has a serious crush on this bunny with which this picture was not posed:

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E said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I'm praying for your court date and can't wait to hear the great news!!! And see some more recent pictures - I'm sure he's grown a lot since I saw him last!!!

The nannies do adore him (honestly, I think all the kids are a "favorite" of at least one of the nannies); however, he definitely has a solid fan base and I'm sure you'll experience the tears when Silas leaves the TH to enter into his family. I never saw him on the floor - he was always being held. (I hope you've been practicing with bags of flour.)

I really hadn't prepared myself for the nanny dynamic (couldn't have known how hard it would be for me) - it was painful for me to bring another change into Abel's life and also because the nanny who seemed to love him most was an orphan herself. It was pretty heart-wrenching to go through all of the crazy emotions at once.

Anyway...I'm praying for your court date and hope you'll be traveling this month. Wow! This month!

So happy for you and can't wait to see Silas in the pictures with you & Marshall. Self-pictures are one of "our" things, so please do favor us with one (at least) of those with Silas.

Prayers & blessings,