Monday, April 28, 2008

Perfect Fit!

What a day!!  We went shopping this!  It really kept our minds off of the fact that we were GOING TO MEET OUR SON TODAY!  It helped even more when we found out that the kids were out of the TH getting their medicals done... 
The whole day was a surreal experience and one I'll never forget.  We got great video and pictures (which I'll try to upload with this).  Silas is a perfect fit.  He is so laid back and just a happy boy.  Do not take that pacifier away, however.  He's a pacifier boy for sure. 
Marshall spotted him through the window and then my hands really started shaking.  I couldn't even wait for his nanny to bring him to us....I went to her.  I couldn't wait to hug her too...she's been a mother to our son for these months.  He is loved.
He giggled and cooed and then fell asleep in my arms.  Pure heaven.  Pure, pure heaven.
We spent a few hours at the TH.  I know all of you are waiting for pictures of your gorgeous children...they are gorgeous!  Apryl and I are going to work hard tomorrow get pictures of all of the kids and video too. :)  If you have not given us permission by email to photograph your kiddos, please do so and copy both of us.  We want to make sure we follow the rules and get pictures to you.  Did I tell you that your kids are gorgeous?  Every one of them is just precious....tomorrow we'll be loving on them even more.  And the care packages will be given tomorrow was crazy today and I didn't want it to get lost in the busyness.
We reluctantly left the TH (emotionally drained and exhausted, but would have slept on the floor if they would let us ;).  We headed out to a traditional ET restaurant for dinner and music and dancing.  Remind me to tell you about the dancing...there was some audience participation. :)
I need to get out of the Harbaugh's room and get stuff ready for tomorrow.  We are exhausted and elated and so ready to have Silas full time.  He looks like us.
All of these children are handpicked by God for our's amazing to see it up close and personal.
Love to you all!
jill, marshall & silas mezmur 


Jori said...

So glad your first meeting went so well!!! All worth the wait!! Best wishes for 2morrow ... go get that boy!!
Blessings, Jori

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Congratulations Silas, Jill and Marshall. That was the best post yet...
much love,

Kiki:) said...

Aunti Jill,
We are all going GA GA reading your amazing posts!!! I can hardly breath thinking you are with Silas & the others....ZOIE!!! :) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing news and loving our children for us. We are starving for any news of your trip...keep it coming!! Give Apryl a huge hug for letting you chat on her both will be forever BF's!!!!
We love you and praying for ALL of you!!!!!!!!!
lots of love,

Julie said...

Hi Jill& Marshall,First time I have tuned in too your Blog I was thinking of you both saying you must be there now.I am so excited for you both and baby Silas hope to see you all when you get back. Love and Prayers from here Julie & Greg Zemke..

Jenn said...

That was it! That is what we have all been waiting for. How precious a picture you have painted for us. I beyond happy for you all. How mighty is our God! Love you,

Rob & Candy said...

Jill, thanks for sharing your day! I cannot wait to hear more.

shawn and tisha said...

It's so exciting that you're there! Thank you so much for being willing to take pics of the other children!
I can't wait to hear about tomorrow and see Silas with you forever!

Paul & Holly West said...

Jill & Marshall!

I am hanging on every word and taking detailed notes of your time there.
Thank you for allowing us to come along on your journey as a family.
We are praying for good sleep and another perfect day with your son.
Love and God Bless, Holly

PS I sent you an email, because I would love some pictures of our little guys! Thank you!

K.P. said...

Hey there! I am so happy that today was great. I know your boy knows you and will adjust just fine. Thanks for being so selfless and thinking of all of us back home, hanging on our computers. My MIL actually beat me to your post. You've got a fan there! :) She called to tell me it was up. :)

Have a great time and watch for my email.

Love ya!

Susan & Randy said...

Congratulations mama! I can't wait to see pictures of the three of you together!

Heather and Stephen said...

Full on bawling happy tears for your finally forever family.
Love you!!~heather

Karen said...

Congrats you two!! I can't imagine what a wonderful, emotion-filled day you must have had. Can't wait to hear more about your trip and see more pictures of your cute little boy!


Ducommun Family said...

Hi Jill and Marshall, so glad to hear things are going well in ET! Silas is a cuttie pie!

Craig and I got our referral last friday. I emailed you giving permission to take pics/video of our little peanut, but I don't know if you ever got it. We'd love to have pics of her.

Drop us an email if you need to know her ET name: You can send any pics to that address as well.

Can't wait till your next post...

Laura Ducommun

Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

Just sitting here reliving our experience as you guys are living it real time! We are beyond thrilled that the day has come...can't wait to hear more :-)

Carpenters said...

Jill and Marshall, I am so thrilled for you. He is in your arms!!! I know just how you felt about leaving. It was so hard to leave them so soon. I can't wait to see pictures of you family together at last!

With Love,

Team Dragovich said...

Sounds like all is going so very well!! Praise God and continue to "ponder" all these things in your heart :)


Cindy Foote said...

Jill! Silas is so precious!!! We are excited for you and are following your journey. By the way - Shauna Douglas lives in our neighborhood. We met last summer and she told me about her friends who were adopting from ET. Tonight she sent me the link to your blog and I wrote her back and said - "I'm already following their journey. We are using the same agency!" She said you might be in SA this summer. Would love to meet you all if possible! Blessings!
Cindy Foote (