Wednesday, April 16, 2008

note to self...

Dear Jill,

Next time you are taking a break from your List, do NOT spend that time watching adoption videos on You Tube.

Why, Jill, you ask? The result is NOT pretty. It makes your mascara run and your heart ache for your son even more.

So, just stick to the List, sister. No time for emotions!

[Also wanted to say that it looks like I'm not the only one who writes on the list just to immediately cross off. Thanks for confessing, ya'll! See post below and comments...]


Apryl said...

I *so* hope I didn't bring on the youtube video extravaganza! I'm a glutton for punishment too--steer clear!

Btw, I can't get enough of that cute legsy picture of Silas :) Adorable!

See you next week (ahhhh!)

LISA said...

Who needs you tube? I was bawling my head off watching your slides of your new baby!So cute,so sweet.(and I love the song)
I think i needed a happy cry though! Waiting on our referral 19 weeks.

GoekeFamily said...

I completely agree with Lisa... I was bawling finally seeing your beautiful baby boy! All of these months of praying has brought you such an amazing little guy!

Speaking of your list... Rob and I are now pregnant and I have the EXACT same list! We are only about 7 weeks along but all that I can think about is the hundreds of things that we have to do!

So, you are far from being alone!

Team Dragovich said...

Ugh... YouTube videos of adoption are the WORST-- in the BEST sort of way :)!! Maybe you should find more things to do so you can write them down and cross them off-- hee, hee!

Almost there,