Friday, April 4, 2008

Silas Sighting!

We got an update today from Rachel at the Transition Home. This is what every mother wants to hear:

Weight: 12 pounds
Height: 23 inches

Silas continues to be a delightful baby. He is easy to make smile. He is a favorite among the nannies….they feel proud that he is growing and developing well!

The picture she sent looks like it's all he can do to keep his head up because of his big, squishy cheeks! I love it!!

Are you ready for this???

Court date: 1 week from today.

Travel: 3 weeks from today.

Yes, I said TRAVEL.

If all goes well at the court appointment, we were told that our tentative travel date is Saturday, April 26. We will probably leave on a Friday to get a direct flight, but sometimes I babble with too much information.

I still can't believe we got a referral.
I still can't believe we have a son.
I still can't believe our court date is in a week.
I still can't believe we are traveling this 3 weeks.
I am, however, ready for all of it!! I could leave tonight with just a back pack and a diaper bag.

Silas, here we come, our little man with squishy cheeks!!

Ok, Everybody, count down with us....


Rob & Candy said...

oh my gosh! Your travel date will be here in no time. We are so excited for you.

The Gillman Family said...

This is sooo exciting! Seeing your journey helps paperchasing seem okay - just to know that someday we will be where you are!

the Steiger's said...

I am SO happy for you!!!! I can not wait to see you with your little boy. Only 7 days till court day!!!!!

shawn and tisha said...

Yay! It's all coming up so soon! I'm so excited for you! :)

K.P. said...

OH MI'Gosh!! I must get the cube done ASAP! I will mail all soon! PROMISE! I'm sick, but will prevail! :) You must take my blankie to my baby!



Anonymous said...

Oh Jill! Big 'ole tears sprung up reading this post. Silas and his squishy cheeks and how you are going to be able to kiss them in 3 short weeks...this countdown part is so exciting! heart,sabrina

Paul & Holly West said...

Wow that is so exciting! You will be home with your little boy just in time for Mother's Day. How appropriate is that?!

BTW thanks for your comment! We know that a court date has been requested, but we haven't heard what the date is yet. We will keep you posted!

Praying for great news on Friday!

K said...
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Steve & Anna said...

YEAH! We are counting down with you!
Praise Jesus!