Friday, November 2, 2007

Six weeks

Our official wait is six weeks today. (Thanks to Sesame Street for the pic.) Been praying a lot for the in country representative, Girmachew. He is the man that will find our children and has Power of Attorney to go to court and adopt them for us. Earlier in the process, the part about the dossier being sent to Ethiopia, translated and then someone finding our children, was a little scary and intimidating. Though we know that God is in control, who was this guy matching us with our kids?! Would he really be able to get to know us through that stack of paperwork?

Well....then I went on the missions trip in June. What a blessing to spend 2 weeks with Girmachew! All uneasiness went out of the mini-bus window. He is a great man doing great work for the Lord and families. So, anyone out there reading this, if Girmachew is your guy, rest assured. He is professional and precious.

Lord, I pray that you would watch over Girmachew. Protect him, keep him grounded in You. I thank You for the work You are doing through him. Lead him, guide him and bless him.


Kari Gibson said...

Jill, you have such a precious heart!! I loved your post today! The artwork is adorable! I can't believe you've already met Girmachew...that really is incredible. How did you connect with him...was your trip w/ awaa? WOW!! I've been praying ALOT for him & Laurel!! They are being used by God in such an amazing way!
You have a "happy" on the way to you. How long does it take for you to receive mail from states??
Lots of love,
Kari (awaa)

Carpenters said...

I have to admit when we signed the POA for Girmachew, I found that same thought a little scary. Since then, everyone who has met Girmachew has said what a great man he is and that he has a huge heart for orphans. What a blessing that he is diligently working to bring our little ones home. We have been praying for him, Laurel, and all the staff at AWAA who have been so great throughout the process. It's great that you have already met him on your visiting orphans trip. Thank you for sharing. Jill, you're a sweetheart.

With love,

Mark Redfern said...


I had no idea you went on that trip! How neat to have already been there & met Girmachew! Thanks for sharing about him! I really am looking forward to meeting him! :)

--Katie Redfern