Friday, November 16, 2007

eight weeks waiting

So eight weeks of waiting down and an unknown amount to go. :) This was a good week; I stayed super busy so that keeps me from being anxious about the time. Though when I do get a little impatient, the Lord reminds me that He is in control.

We did receive some good news this week from our agency. The transitional home in Addis is up and running with trained nannies and necessary equipment. The first 13 referred children were moved there this week. That is where our children will go after they are referred to us and that is where we will go pick them up. I'd like to just go move in now. :)

It was so uplifting to get the news of the transitional home's opening. Sometimes is frustrating (in my flesh) when I can't know everything that's going on behind the scenes. I KNOW the Lord is at work, so it was a blessing to get word of evidence of that.

Boys, we are faithfully waiting to be united with you. When this part of our journey is over, I hope that you will be proud of our dedication to you. We are steadfast in our pursuit of you....both of you special little guys! We love you like crazy!!

Lord, lead us in our wait. Thank You for what You are constantly doing in our lives and for giving us a glimpse into behind the scenes. Protect our little ones and give them Your peace, deep in their hearts. We love You like crazy too!!


E said...


I'm praying your referral will come well before you guys have to PCS!

I love the prayers you post on your blog!


Gibson Family said...

Your post is beautiful!!! I was so touched reading your letter to your precious boys!! Take a peek @ "Gabby Braner's" blog on our site (fav. links & blogs) You will be uplifted reading about God's mighty miracles!! I am ordering more T's soon (XL) I will send you one asap!! Thanks for your patience!! We want you to rock in Germany! :) LOL
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving....will you have any family join you?? We have you covered!!
Lots of love,