Sunday, November 11, 2007

seven weeks waiting

We completed seven weeks of waiting. I was at a conference all week, so week seven sped by for me.
At the conference, I took a class called "God's Waiting Room". It was just what I needed. The teacher reminded us that every time God has us waiting for something, if we are faithful and wait on Him, He makes it more than worth it....He does more than we expect or could imagine every time. Throughout the Bible, those that weren't faithful in their wait (i.e., the Israelites not waiting on Moses to come down from the mountain and making an idol to worship, Abraham having a child with his servant instead of waiting on the Lord to provide Isaac with Sarah, etc.) never experience good results. When we insert our own will into God's it just doesn't work. His will is good and perfect; our plans are so human. He can still use our bad choices, but His original plan is better.
Just imagine those faithful souls waiting in the upper room like Jesus instructed them to in Acts. Probably some lost heart and went on home. Those 120 that stuck it out got more than they could have imagined. They received the Holy Spirit!
Praying for our boys and trusting the Lord for them. Thanks for checking in with us!

This picture is in honor of my precious husband and his love for football. ;)


MarksMomma said...

Hey Jill and Marshall,
we look forward to meeting your boys! =o)
Lets set a date (for after Dec 2, when I have my finals) for Mark and me to come over to help you child-proof your place!
Praying for ya.
Ben commented on Sunday after Marshall's sermon that you can tell that Marshall is called. I am glad y'all answered His call!
The Bradleys

JillCoen said...

Happy Birthday Katie!! I missed you yesterday. Hope you had a fantastic day! Next time we are together we will compare calendars and get to work. :) Thanks!!