Wednesday, September 24, 2008

teething biscuits

Maybe teething biscuits will encourage the teeth? Who knows! It's a fun time, anyway, and it's a good lead in to bath time.
I don't have much for now, just wanted to update you with some pictures. Big boy turns 10 months old tomorrow. He's calling me now...gotta go!


K.P. said...

Amen on the teeth. I remember the wait for teeth with Deacon being torture too. I wonder just how long it takes to damage kidneys when giving tylenol on a regular basis? I guess we'll see. :)


Jori said...

So cute!!!! :):)
love, jori

Autumn said...

Hi Jill!!! I LOVED your blog... I've been stalking you! Your story is so sweet. I also really enjoyed our "girls lunch" the other day... I am looking forward to lots of fun times in the future! Take care!

shawn and tisha said...

I love the bath cute! :)