Tuesday, September 9, 2008

growing up fast...he's already driving

Nobody's safe. Whether he's on wheels or low crawling all over the place, Silas can get there. And he'll get there quicker than you can blink.
"Look, Sophie! I got a car!!"
It must come naturally...he knew just where to put his hands and he rocked back and forth as if to say, "Go!"
Stop with the paparazzi!!
Glistening with SWEAT! It's hard work to drive a car in these parts...


Rob & Candy said...

too cute!

curtisfamily93 said...

Love reading your blogs! Miss you guys. PWOC kickoff was great & we had 21 kids/teens in the Homeschool room! YEAH the LORD met a need. Love it when he does that. Now, keep praying for the CYS people, they are totally ~what's a nice way to say~ WARPED ;) Just little roadblocks, nothing the LORD can't handle.
Keep up the great Blogging, Silas is so cute. LOVE THE Carpet Chewer! See that's why they are called, Nose miners, ankle biters etc. TOO CUTE

Heather and Stephen said...

oh my gosh! I love the expression in the first picture!! GO Silas!! :)

hugs to all of you~heather

Jori said...

Very cute!!
love, jori

K.P. said...

Love it. Enjoy it. He'll be asking for YOUR car soon. :)

Dave and Rae said...

I love your family verse!

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Dave McIlrath, MA
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Danielle said...

Why are you guys just too stinkin cute? How far away are we from each other? I just want to sit down for a good cup of...anything...and talk about poverty and changing the world :)


P.S. I'm the new Queen Bee. :)