Friday, September 5, 2008

a proper silas update

We had a nice, long weekend. Monday we went to Raven Rock State Park to check it out. A return trip is definitely in order.

Wednesday, I took Silas to the doctor for his 9 month well baby. He got three shots. We'll go back in a month and he'll be all caught up until he's a year old. Don't tell him that's only two months after he's "caught up".

He weighs 18 lbs 7 oz and is 27.5 inches long. Happy and healthy. He has a snotty nose today, but hopefully it won't go any further than that.

Silas is totally mobile now. Sophie, watch out! He is particularly drawn to anything that is hers. He's "inch worming" all over this house. We'll need to be moving some things.
This is what I walked into the other day....where's Silas? Is that a turtle in my living room? No, that's a Silas with a dog bed on top of him... Notice the blurry arms and legs in motion and Sophie wondering how that all happened. "Wasn't I just asleep in that bed? Now it's moving?"

He's babbling a lot too. Dada was his first "word", but mostly he says Baba and Mama. I would love to think he knows my name is Mama, but I cannot lie to myself. Until he know's my name is Mama, I'd like to be addressed as Baba, please.

He is eating up a storm. I got him some sippy cups yesterday and I'm going to see if he's ready for that. Once those teeth show up, we can expand his diet some.

Speaking of the doctor's appointment (I know this is a random post...stay with me), I was getting our stuff ready to go and glanced over at a stack of books "to be read". I reached for one to take with me in case we had a long wait.

Then I thought...Jill, you're going to your nine month old baby's appointment. And you want to bring along a book to read? Sometimes I wonder about myself. For a minute there, I forgot what season of life I'm in. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Some days I'm sharp as a tack and other's I'm dull as a butter knife....a very old butter knife. The book thing is a good example as well as last week when Silas and I went to the commissary. For those that don't know, at the commissary there are people that bag your groceries and take them to the car for you. It's very nice. About halfway to the car, I realized I was pushing my empty cart to the car, with Silas in the sling and the guy with my groceries was walking right beside me...with the groceries. I asked him if he was going to mention the fact that I was pushing an empty cart to the car. He said, "No ma'am, I was just going to push the cart back to the building for you."

Too bad I can't think of any "sharp as a tack" examples for you...

I'm trying to figure out the re-adoption thing now and it looks like Silas may be a Texan after all. I'll keep you posted. Anyone reading been through this part yet? Let me know what you did and what order you did all of the after adoption stuff...

Thanks for following me in this random post. I'm thinking I should go get some groceries in case we have some hurricane weather. We don't have hurricanes in central TX, you know.

I'll leave you with Silas and all of the new uses he's found for his exercauser:


Sims Family said...

I cant believe how big he is getting! He is so cute. I couldnt help but notice the stroller...haha go figure...what # is that one?hehe

K.P. said...

Yeah Silas. Such a big boy! Sounds like Baba is coming along right on schedule. It's about this time in your baby's life that you realize just how tired you are and just how fuzzy your brain is. Hang in'll make it. I'll not lie to you and tell you it gets better, because as soon as you get'll get baby #2 and start all over. :)

Love ya!
KP -- fellow "baby-brainer"

Anonymous said...

:-) I love random posts. They are the best!

Mary said...

The shopping cart story is hilarious! I could see myself doing that.

Jori said...

I am loving the shopping cart story ~ at least you had Silas with you!! I am really hoping to not forget a child in Target the first couple of outings with all the kiddos!! :):) I love random b/c then I know you are really just posting from the heart - the full heart of a fuzzy momma!! He is growing up so fast - Still just adorable!!
love ya, jori

the Steiger's said...

Our readoption here in US was super easy. Then again it depents where you live. I did blog about so I am sure you can find a link on my blog with our time line.
Silas is a cutie.

love, LEnka