Thursday, September 25, 2008

happy 10 months, Silas!

12 weeks old

10 months old

Oh the joy that Silas Mezmur Coen brings to our lives! Thank You, Jesus, for allowing us the privilege of loving this child. He's teaching me about the love You have for me. You saw fit to bring him into this world and then into this home. I think You have a big plan for this boy. Whatever it is, I know it's perfect like Your plan for each of our lives.
Silas, my little tater tot, I love you! You are growing by the minute and it's all I can do to keep up with you as you sail across the floor at lightning speed. Today I choose to enjoy you this very minute, because tomorrow you'll be 10 YEARS old and probably won't let me kiss those feet.


Susan said...

Happy b-day, SC! Jeremy is having another fit over his cuteness!

Love you! Susan

Anonymous said...

Jill...what you said is ablosutely true! You will blink and he will be a really big boy. You won't want to kiss his feet by then (trust me on that!) but you will still get lots of love and hugs and kisses. JT still wants me to snuggle and tickle his back and he is almost 15! We will always be their mommies! Love you, Les

Danielle said...

Happy 10 mos. birthday! Jill, I'm still smiling about your comment on my blog. I LAUGHED out loud...and then read it to Karl who also laughed. I think we should do it, too...along with Gibson's t, maybe. It's a little less environmentally friendly, though, because I have each of our shirt options in womens--which makes three shirts :) Thanks for the shirt, my friend :) I'll smile thinking of it for months :)

jeannaps said...

Hi, yes, enjoy every little minute because you do wake up one day and he will be 10, like my oldest! They are still sweet though and can make you feel so special:)

Looking forward to lunch on Wed and spending time with you and your handsome dude!


Rob & Bri said...

I have been reading and not commenting (I know shame on me). But I wanted to tell you that Silas is just getting cuter and cuter (like you didn't know right?)
Also... I wanted to share something that God did this summer.
I went to work at Camp Sealth back near Seattle when I went home to visit this summer. I was to help out and work one of their shorter 4 day sessions- just cleaning in the kitchen and filling in where I might be needed and such. (I love camp so much I was willing to do grunt work for 4 days just to go back.) Well, God had much better things in store. They found out that this was the session a Deaf girl was coming and they had no interpreter. So I was able to step in and hang out with a 4th & 5th grade girls cabin group (way more fun than washing pots). Why did I think to tell you about all this? Well, because she was 11 and only a year earlier had been adopted from Ethiopia (Jill, her signing and English spelling were amazing!) To have only been introduced to the language a year ago at age 10! I told her I had a friend who adopted a boy recently from Ethiopia- she was really excited (until she learned he wasn't deaf like her- they she was only somewhat interested.) Anyway I just thought it was cool that the 4 days she happened to be there (with no one to sign for her) were the 4 days I "happened" to be there and was able to sign.
Ok.. I know I went long- but it was just too cool and I miss chatting with you at PWOC!!

Adam, Steph, Todd, Tori & Audrey said...

Silas is too stinking cute!!! I know you guys are enjoying him so much!! Check out our blog for new photos of our kids who are also growing like weeds!!

Love ya and miss you bunches!!

misskorilyn said...

boy do i miss you and that adorable son of yours. so did you just wake up one morning and realize that he is all grown up. ten months?? wow

K.P. said...

I'm thinkin' those feet won't be so kissable in 10 years anyway. :) So, enjoy them while you can.

Hey...I think you need to post about your home improvement skills...not your phone dialing skills. :)

Love ya!