Saturday, August 23, 2008

where have ya'll been?!

I have been here waiting for you. I know, I know. I've been AWOL from the bloggy blog. We've been busy, but I couldn't think of anything to blog about. I'll warn you in advance that this may be random...

Please welcome the newest member to our family. It's a girl! Priscilla is our new, hip (work with me, people) minivan. I think we've been a single car family for at least 5 years and it's worked. But here, 2 cars will be much more convenient. Silas rides in style and it's so easy to get him in and out. I'm enjoying being back in the front seat of the vehicle when we're all together. Marshall won't call her Priscilla, but we're working on that...

We miss Daddy. He's in Houston participating in his Fantasy Football Draft. Please ya'll, don't tell all of these Fantasy Football people that it's not real. We don't want to burst their fantasy bubbles. I'd rather him be here, but I'm really glad he got to go. In previous years we've lived more locally and he has been able to go to Houston and other years he's drafted from my parents' house and Iraq. He deserves some fun, I say. The night before he left I felt like I was sending him off to Fantasy Football camp. Excitement! He'll be home soon. :)

Silas and I had a lot of fun yesterday. We got to meet Candy and Igor Tennant!! They came over for a visit and it was so fun to hug another friend that I've only known via the internet. The Tennants are waiting on a toddler boy from Ethiopia. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures. I failed you, my bloggy friends. We're looking forward to seeing them again soon. Thanks for coming, Candy and Igor!!

And last night Silas, Priscilla and I went downtown to what's called Fourth Friday with our friends the Trimbles. All of the shops stay open and there are street vendors, concerts, evangelists with bullhorns and the guy with the evangelist with the bullhorn wearing a sign telling everyone they are going to hell, and then some belly dancers. It was a well rounded evening. Really it reminded me of a summer fest in Europe. I had North Carolina BBQ for the first time (vinegar based) and it was scrumpteous. Silas eyed my plate, but was satisfied by his bottle. He had his first picture with a fire truck. Fun times at Fourth Friday!

What is Silas up to? Well he's growing like a weed, still drooling with no teeth in sight and babbling. He's said "ba-ba", which I think he got from his exersaucer, and maybe a "da-da", but we won't write that down until we know he knows what he's saying. ;) He's not crawling yet, but doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in trying since he has figured out how to scoot on his belly, any place he needs to go.

Yesterday on our morning walk, we left the house with a pacifier in his mouth and came home without the pacifier. Uh oh. We only have two that he likes. So yesterday I left it out of sight except for sleepy times and he drooled, talked and SCREAMED that HIGH pitched scream all day. I kept telling him that he didn't need to scream that loudly, but he pretended not to hear me. I've done the same thing today with the pacifier and he "talked" a lot this morning. He cracks me up. I should probably go ahead a pop a tylenol. He's loud and happy...

And toes. If they are in his reach, watch out!

That's all I can think of for now. Good to see ya'll!


Holly said...

Hello Jill!
I plan to call you soon! Amy B. gave me your contact info!
We also have an Ethiopian child, although ours is an older princess. I look forward to meeting you and introducing you around town. I hope you will join our local adoption support group as well!
It's not such a small world really, just a great BIG GOD!

jammie said...

haha jill, i love priscilla. my car is a girl too but i never named her. i just call her she! i am glad to hear u are fine. ill call u in the next days. tell me what is it with lil boys and toes ;-) ? the kids really have some catching up to do what do u think? and of course the 2 mommies ;-)

Heather and Stephen said...

Hi Jill! Germany is still...Germany. And still too far from America. :) but we are fine, look to be at least to the guest house by the end of June! We don't yet know where we're going, but hoping and praying for an assignment he wants in DC.
J&P belong to and will soon be home with Greg and Cara, friends of mine since high school. They are in my side bar as To Be Fruitful and Multiply. :)
Love and Miss y'all! hugs~h

Susan and Randy said...

I love Priscilla, you are going to be driving in style! My car is named Sparky, after the AZ State Univ Sun Devil, my alma mater. Silas looks really cute on the fire truck.

Danielle said...

Jill, you are really funny. I wish you would have moved to Indiana or something. North Carolina has enough cool adoption people already :) Wish we could share that good long talk. Maybe someday. I'm all about road trips (oh wait! I WAS all about road trips before I had all these crazy wonderful children :) )