Friday, August 29, 2008

never thought i'd hear myself say...

"Darlin', Momma doesn't want you to chew on the carpet."
[hold on while i get the camera...this is bloggable...]

"No chewing on the carpet!"

I love my little carpet chewer. I know those of you that are germ-a-phobes are totally grossed out.

Silas is practically crawling! He does the inch worm scoot and usually is making his way toward one of Sophie's toys. The funny part is, she thinks he is playing with her, so she plays keep away and then drops the toy in front of him so he'll do it for her.

I knew they would be bestest friends.


Rob & Candy said...

you crack me up!

MarksMomma said...

Lol, I'd say a few carpet germs will strengthen Silas' immune system... so as long as it is an INDOOR carpet, chew away, little guy! =o) Very cute!
The Bradleys