Wednesday, August 13, 2008

team dragovich, baby!

Shari above and Wyatt and Isaac below with Silas.
What a fun day! Team Dragovich (minus the head coach, Tony) came by this afternoon. It was so good to meet Shari in person and her boys. We headed over to the park so the big boys could play and the Moms could visit. Silas had his first turn on a swing....he loved it. We're looking forward to spending more time with the Dragovich family and meeting Tony too.
I've been letting him do more self-bottle feeding. He likes to take breaks and go at his own pace. It's also really quite cute.
There are four families in Ethiopia right this minute. They picked up their children today. You can follow three of the four on their exciting journeys here: Moles, Cox, and Ducommun. Keep them in your prayers, especially that they stay well and enjoy these first days with their babies.

We had 3 month post placement visit from the social worker last night. It went really well and I just enjoyed visiting with her. I like talking about Silas. :) No, really, she was easy to talk to and I am thankful she is our social worker.
That's all for now. I need to go check the above mentioned traveling families' blogs and then get to bed.


Amy said...

The picture of Silas on the swings is the cutest picture I HAVE EVER SEEN! (and this from a mom with cute kids!)!! Can't wait to get to know him.

Team Dragovich said...

Hey you! We had lots of fun yesterday! I still think it is so very neat that y'all are here :)... Silas is too cute on that swing!

Talk to ya soon,

Apryl said...

As I said to Shari, trying to be happy for the two of you, but really just jealous that YOU LIVE CLOSE ENOUGH TO GO TO THE PARK TOGETHER!

Very adorable pictures! Can't believe how time flies. And now that I see Silas holding his own bottle I'm going to stop feeling guilty about letting Josiah do it too :)
love, apryl

Jori said...

So,so happy for you ~ and yet so jealous a the same time!! Glad you are able to see each other and have the kids together. The blessings continue!
love, jori