Friday, August 8, 2008


Poor Silas has a double ear infection and is feeling quite terrible.

As his mom, I feel terrible. I'd trade places with him in a hot minute. Makes me think about God and how much he loves us with His Fatherly love. Even when stinky things are going on, He wants to be the one to hold us, administer care and tenderness, and spend the whole night in a rocking chair if that's what we need.

Praying Silas bounces back to his happy self very, very soon.


Susan said...

Oh,that first ear infection to deal with as a new mom! I still shudder from our first 10 1/2 years ago! We ended up at the ER because we thought Jeremy was dying! LOL!

Hope Silas feels better soon!!

Love you! Susan

K.P. said...

Hang in there mama. Rest is near for both of you. Get that antibiotic in and you'll both feel better. :)

Thanks for the call! Off to get my PB! :)


William said...

YUCK -- I know just how you feel. I hate to see my children sick and would gladly trade places with them when they are to make them feel better. Hope Silas is feeling better soon.

Carpenters said...

Poor guy! When Alexandra was sick recently, all life was put on hold. I just wanted my baby to get better, so I know how you feel. I hope he gets better soon.

With Love,

Christy A. Whitaker Harris said...

Jill...I love how we see God's love even clearer when we become parents! Praying that thoses little ears clear up soon. We miss you...