Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tell of His glory...

....among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; He also is to be feared above all gods. 1 Chronicles 16:24-25

It came, it came, praise be to God, that "one last piece of paper" came today!

Here she is........
Here's how it went down: We finally got an email from the consulate. They must have grown weary of our emails greeting them each morning. The lady emailed us a copy of the form and said that the hard copy would be sent to our German address, which is much faster.

I forwarded that email with the attachment to our family coordinator at the adoption agency to let her know we were one step closer. She was excited for us and said that actually we could print off the emailed I171-H and have that notarized. (Actually we will keep the original and take it to Ethiopia with us. The notarized document will be a copy of the original.) I got so excited and screamed and leaped around so much that Sophie tucked her tail and jumped into Marshall's lap. Poor thing.

So, Lord willing, we will have that copy notarized in the morning and mail the dossier off to the agency on Monday.

Thank you for your prayers. Please don't stop! The Lord hears our prayers and He always loves to hear from us.

My head hurts from all of the excitement....

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the Steiger's said...

Hooray. You are so close to be done with the paper work part. Congratulations. I am very happy for you. This must be a big relieve.