Monday, August 27, 2007

The Paper Baby

I have dreamed of this day for 7 months. The day I could tell you that we mailed off our entire dossier, otherwise known as the paper baby, to our adoption agency. Here's how it went down:

These are the contents of our dossier spread out on the bed. This is minus the homestudy and another form, which are already at the agency:
This is the paper baby asleep in the crib:
This is the paper baby riding to the post office. I know, no car seat, but that would be completely ridiculous. ;)
This is me and the paper baby outside of the post office.
It should be in Virginia on Wednesday. Please pray that the paper baby has a safe trip so our real babies can come home soon!


stephadampage said...

I am so excited for you guys! I have to laugh about having no car seat! SHAME SHAME! HA HA! yeah, it would be ridiculous, but too too cute!!!

Lord, hold the Coen's precious
"baby" in that box intact until it reaches the proper person! We know Your time is perfect for the Coen's and their children! Thank you for this awesome journey they are on...and for allowing us to be a part of it through prayer and encouragement! AMEN!!!

Love you guys!

the Steiger's said...

CONGRATULATIONS. I know this is a big relieve. Now the waiting begins.

Sheryll said...

Hey Jill - I think I have finally figured out how to post a comment . . . I love keeping up with you guys on your blog! Congratulations on The Paper Baby - you look to be a proud mama already! By the way, I love your new hair cut! May God's loving hands carry your Paper Baby right into the right hands for proper delivery! He's awesome!
God bless,

A growing Team Stager... said...

I am so excited for you! We will be praying for this next transition and for your children! Thanks for sharing your journey - I love following the journey and praying with you!

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

How great! Love the pics~

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

Good Grief Jill!! I just discovered your blog. We're here in Kenya until next week. We have super email and communication problems here and in Uganda so I am way behind on what is going on! 2 boys!! How wonderful! i would love an update from you when you can. do you know the ages and when and why 2? i love the nursery you set up. i cried when i read about the paper baby!! just waiting for those 2 God given joys to arrive for y'all seems like an eternity but soon friend soon! i thought our elisabeth would never get here and now she is growing so fast i can barely keep up! Much love to you mom-in-waiting!! Brandi And Lew