Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In the mail....

Update: Got an email this morning that the I171-H is in the mail.
Let's pray it in, ya'll!

Edited to add: Email from the consulate this morning said that the document was mailed on Monday.


the Steiger's said...

What exiting news. One step closer. I love your blog. I am originally from Prague Czech Republic. How is Germany treading you?
Lenka from AWAA group

JillCoen said...

Lenka, I love your blog too! I check in often. Germany is amazing. Prague is on our list to visit. Do you get to go back often? Is your family there?

Lenka said...

We go back every 2 years. It can get expensive with 3 kids soon 4. We still have both families back. Fil's parents are missionaries in Prague and my mom and my brother still live in Czech Republic. We also have family in Munich Germany. We were in Prague last year and since we will be traveling to Ethiopia sooner or later it will be a while before we go again. You will love Prague. It is a beautiful city.