Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Verdict is In....

and it's a YES! We got a phone call tonight that the agency has accepted our application. What a praise that is! They are sending us a packet of information so we can begin our home study and gather the documents for our dossier.

Step One: Complete

Now on to Step Two!

Thank you for your prayers! Please, don't stop!


Neisha said...

Hey Marshall and Jill! melissa forwarded your blog to me and it is so great to hear about all the exciting things that the Lord is doing in your lives! I am trhilled about NOAH and am praying for you and him during this process! Love to you both!

Sheryll said...

Hey Jill - I finally made my google account - way too easy :) I'm glad that you now have pictures on your blog - Sophie is just the cutest - well, next to our sweet little black dog, Cocoa :) Congratulations with the adoption paperwork - God is good!

Ben & Amy Emory said...

Marshall & Jill,

Congratulations on all of the wonderful blessings that are happening in your lives. We are so excited for you both and I bet Sophie makes a great big sister to Noah. I have a nephew named Noah and he is absolutely precious so I know that your Noah will be precious also. I am so thrilled for Noah that his life is about to blessed with the most wonderful parents! We love you and miss you dearly.