Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Precious Postman

On Thursday we mailed a big packet of paperwork to our home study social worker and our I-600A application, fingerprints, money and letter to the US Consulate. We decided to use the German post office so they would get to where they were going faster.

Well, we have a nice postman who delivers on bike (I've noticed this in other countries too). He came by work and I gave him the big envelopes with no postage because I had no idea how much they would be. He told me that it would be expensive because here, it is not the weight of the package, but the size. Whoops....I had two big ole padded envelopes. But it really couldn't be helped because the contents didn't need to be bent. So, he recognized our home address on the front and told me he would process them at the post office and bring me the bill at the house. Talk about first class!

Sure enough, the next day, the buzzer rings and it's him apologizing for the cost, as if it was his fault....and it really wasn't that bad. Sweet man! No matter how hot it is outside, he always points to the sky and says it's ok as long as there is NO SNOW! Can you imagine....on a bike, in the snow? What a nice guy!

Thank you Lord, for putting that precious postman in my path. Please protect him as he is out in the elements helping others.

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