Thursday, February 1, 2007

Rough Day?

Maybe this face will make you smile. I didn't have a rough day, just busy, rushing from one thing to the next. But, this is the face I came home to....

We got Sophie in September and she's almost 7 months old now. What a little ball of fire! Such personality keeps us laughing and moving. She's never met a stranger and really thinks everyone should stop and tell her how cute she is.....they always do. :)

Adoption Update: We received an email from the agency a few days ago. They requested some more information from us. We expect to hear from them in a few days. It's nice to know our file was being looked at.....we have a file!

I'm so thankful for all of the support from our family and friends. The Lord has surrounded us with people who have been on this journey and offer so much encouragement. I love to hear everyone's stories.

I can't believe it's already February.....of 2007, no less. Hope you're having a great day!

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