Saturday, May 8, 2010

strawberry pickin'

Or if your name is Silas it's strawberry picking and eating...all the way down the row. ;) I think he ate his weight in berries, stems and all, yesterday on our trip to Sweetberry Farm in Marble Falls. Such a pretty drive and a fun outing.
We had a ball picking and eating berries, feeding goats, eating a picnic lunch and homemade strawberry ice cream that makes you want to smack your momma. But don't smack's Mother's Day weekend and all. And she might smack you back.
Jude was a trooper and I have a new respect for women around the world working in fields with a baby strapped to them. My back is a little sore today. Wimp.

He had just woken up after the back breaking work was over....

Back to that strawberry ice cream. Silas and I shared one because he never eats too much of anything and it would have been wasteful to get 2. Then I tasted it and wished I'd brought a cooler with ice in it to take some more home. Once we got loaded into the car with our friend and her son, Silas asked me for the ice cream. He never gave it back. And he ate every last drop even drinking the last few drops. By then it was too late. We were on our way home. But...we'll be back for blackberry picking soon and I'm getting my little guy his own ice cream!

And here's one of my chunky monkey, Jude, just because. Precious baby!! Soon he'll need his own ice cream too!


Autumn said...

What a cutie. Buy that chunky monkey baby an ice cream from me!
Tell Silas we said hi and never share the yummy stuff!

Carpenters said...

Oooh, that looks like fun. Strawberry season hasn't started here yet, but we'll be out there when it does. Wishing you all the best from the Carpenters.

P.S. Alexandra says, "Silas has sandals on like I have sandals." I guess she missed the strawberries next to him.