Monday, May 10, 2010

momma's day

I am truly blessed with these two little guys. Mother's Day is such a wonderful day...we got a front row parking spot at church, Silas made me a flower pot in Sunday School and Marshall sent me a sweet card and ordered me a necklace I not so subtley hinted about. My wonderful sister gave me flowers and kept Silas so Jude and I could take in a movie. Lovely!

I think Mother's Day will always be a little bittersweet for me. There were lots of Mother's Days that weren't so thrilling. It really got old to go to church and not get to stand up and get a rose or carnation. Even when they try to include just hurts. I longed to be a momma for a lot of years and I'll never forget that feeling.

This morning I couldn't stop thinking about those that have lost their moms, those that don't have great memories of their moms, those that have struggled with infertility and those that have lost children, both unborn and born. I know someone in each of those categories. Some that fit into more than one.

I am blessed with a wonderful Mom. We talk about 17 times a day. Really.

Today I'm thankful. Really, really thankful.


KLT said...

For me, it's like a haunted thankfulness...and I don't ever want to lose that sensitivity.

Apryl said...

I told Seth last night that I always feel crummy on mothers day because I never live up to the wonderful things a mother "should be" and I can't help but think about exactly what you mention.

I've missed you SO MUCH! My days are wild and I rarely make time to get online BUT I will so send the kids to veg in front of the tube so we can chat. I don't call you for fear I may wake a sleeping babe (or worse yet) sleeping mom :)

many hugs,

jill coen said...

Kristy, I love that! I'll be using that...;)

Apryl, I've missed you SO much too!! YOu can call anytime because there's not toooo much sleeping going on over here. When the kids sleep I "do" or it would never get done.

And you are everything a mother should be. I've seen you in action!!