Monday, July 19, 2010

dear jude

Dear Jude,
You, my sweet baby, are 5 months old now! You're getting so big. You will crawl any day and are teething like mad. You are the first thing your brother asks about each morning and you think he's pretty awesome too.

I'm writing this entry to apologize for the lack of posts detailing your every move. It seems like I don't have as much bloggy time as I used to. I didn't want you to look back at this blog some day and be upset that your momma was a bad blogger right about the time you were born. There just aren't enough hours in the day and quite frankly, I would rather roll around with you on the floor and make you giggle than sit here and type it all out.

I love you brother bear!


Steve Bezner said...

Holy cow! He's Marshall's mini-me!!!

Emily said...

that's what I was about to say! he looks just like Marshall! crazy.

K.P. said...

Speaking of Marshall....when does he come home?? And, does this mean that I am now officially a worse blogger than you?? I was feelin' pretty ok with myself for not blogging because, after all, Jill hadn't blogged. Sheesh. Now I gotta find the camera cord and do a post. :) Peer pressure.

Love you!

the Steiger's said...

your boys are so cute!!!
So when are you coming over?

Ray and Lisa said...

You have 2 very handsome little boys!

Apryl said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures!! I haven't seen any in months--Jude (well, both boys) is adorable! Hope we get to see you in a few months, have a FANTASTIC week :)
many hugs,

Sheryll said...

Jill, oh the joys of having two children . . . wonder where time goes?? :) just wait, they will be 18 and 21 years old before you now it. Celebrate and get on the floor and boys with your precious boys! Thanks for sharing pictures. They are so cute!