Thursday, November 5, 2009

halloween monkey bid-i-ness

I know some people don't do Halloween, but we think it's a big time. Really we just enjoy dressing up in costumes and knocking on peoples' doors and then eating a lot of candy. The beauty of having a not yet 2 year old only child? He doesn't know the candy we got was for him to eat. Next year will be different, I'm sure. This year...I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Here is our evening in photographs...

It began with a practice walk up the street to Aunt Khaki's house. Darn it all, I forgot to put Sophie's jack-o-lantern t-shirt back on.

Knock, knock! Notice the Elmo bucket on the ground? He did that all night.

Then we stopped by Grandma and Grandy's house.

And then we went to a friend's annual Pumpkin Party. Silas enjoyed cake with a prize fighter and a bumble bee.

Then we stuffed a bunch of children in a wagon to make the trick or treat process faster. Notice the bumble bee is holding the Elmo bucket. He could have cared less.

Now we're back in the car on the way to Gaga and PawPaw's house. Monkey costume is sagging.

But we're still happy!

I did get a picture of Silas at Mom and Dad's door, but I didn't think my mom would appreciate a photo online of her in was late. Maybe when I finally make this thing private.
Hope you got a bucketful, or pillowcase full, of yummy candy! I'm going to go see what Elmo still has for me...

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Tammy and Aaron said...

I LOVE the look on his little face in the last picture!! Too cute. Hope you are doing well. Since our adoptions are "on hold", I put that blog on hold and started our family blog that will include everything in our crazy busy lives! Follow along girlie!!