Sunday, November 22, 2009

fall fun

Fall has been full of fun. Holidays, birthdays and a real, live concert. Silas will turn 2 on Wednesday. Can't believe it! Here is this weekend in review:

28 weeks and 6 days. Let's just call it 29 weeks el preggo.

This is Silas' new way to pose for pictures with me. I kind of love it.

Went to Matt Redman/Casting Crowns concert last night. It was a great night of worship.
Today we went to Zayden's birthday party. There was a big blow up bounce house/slide. Silas normally shys away from these things, so this time I climbed in with him and Ryan helped him climb up the wall to meet me at the top of the slide. Then we all went down together.
You can't see Silas' face, but he loved it! I really loved it.

I knew my limits, but Silas wanted to go again. I had to pull him out crying. :( Wonder what he'll do the next time one of these is around. I'll let you know.
Gobble, gobble, ya'll!!


Kari said...

Jill Baby, you look beautiful!! WOW!!! I'm so happy that you have had such a good pregnancy. I pray for your hubby who wishes he was home with you, but he's out there being a hero. We love ya and think of you so often.
Keep blogging girl!!

K.P. said...

You are gorgeous!!!

Yoli said...

LOL Jill your have a beautiful smile and you looked like you really enjoyed the slide yourself.