Friday, October 16, 2009

pumpkin patch

We had a fun morning at the local pumpkin patch. Silas especially loved the bumpy pumpkins. Bonus: it actually feels like Fall today.

What was the most exciting part of the pumpkin patch?! The school buses driving by and bringing groups of kids on field trips. Silas was thrilled!

When we got home we tried to pose for a nice Fall photo. Will I ever learn?

I put our purchases on the hearth. Silas took them all down and then put them back the way he thinks they should go. I'm actually impressed.

Silas has battled a virus all week so it was nice to finally be out in the fresh air. We're staying close to home anyway, trying to avoid the swine flu. Since we're both in high risk groups and all.
Belly baby is kicking away. I'll be 24 weeks on!
We've been in the house about two months now so yesterday was about time to rearrange some furniture. I've always been that way, but I know I'm nesting too.
That's all the news I can think of.


Tracy said...

so sweet! i can tell he has grown since september! love hearing about your growing baby! :))

Kari said...

Jill, the pics are ADORABLE!! Do you think he could be any cuter? I just posted new pics of Zoie (my little wild thing:)
You look amazing!!
Love you & miss you!!