Friday, October 9, 2009

bye bye paci and other things

Silas Mezmur is almost 2! Gaga and Paw Paw got him an early birthday present...his very own table and chairs. He eats his snack there and today he colored a picture for Daddy.
Here I am at 22 weeks. If you'd like to sport a shirt like mine, visit this family. They're really cool and they are adopting two more children from Ethiopia.

On Wednesday night, I put Silas to bed with no pacifier. I don't know what came over me except it's time and I've been meaning to start...once we move, once Marshall leaves, once we get settled, get the idea.
It's going well. That first night I even offered to him when he was fussing, but he pushed it away. He wanted me to rock him, but he was over the paci. He woke up once during the night, but was comforted and went back to sleep. Yesterday's nap time was a different story. He wouldn't take the paci. My mom was coming over so I could go to an appointment and I didn't want her to go through Operation No Paci. She hadn't signed up for that drama. After some crying and gnashing of teeth, I begged him to take it! Can you believe me? He took it and went to sleep.
Last night he went down like a champ with not even enough whining for me to go back in his room. He slept all night and was cheerful this morning. Today's nap time started with a struggle and then a nap poop. Oh I hate a nap poop. You know, the poop that comes at any time during the nap. Potential for disaster. Come to think of it, the same thing happened yesterday. Hmmm. After about 45 minutes, it's quiet in there and I hope he has a good nap, paci free.
Why get rid of the paci? He only uses it when he sleeps. I figured, for us, it should be gone by 2. Everyone is different. I didn't want it to begin effecting his teeth and there's going to be a new baby soon and one paci is all we can handle. When Silas came home to us, he was a full time paci boy. We soon got it scaled back to sleep time only. This is the next step in the life of the paci.
Well, that's about all for now. Happy Fall, ya'll!


Brandon-Laura Denning said...

I HATE nap poop - I mean...FOR REAL!!! It messes the whole thing up for us...aaagghhhh. Feeling your pain.

alisa said...

Lookin' cute as ever...both of you! Ahhh, have fun wit the paci...I still need to tackle Dr. Brown :(

Tracy said...

Oh my the paci saga!! I'm not ready to embark on operation paci quiet yet----holding onto baby hood, but then I don't have another precious little one on the way! So excited for you growing tummy! Silas is too cute at his very own table!!

Sheryll said...

"Nap poop!" How funny!! Just this past weekend I was talking with Mitchell about Benjamin's nap/sleep schedule . . . that one day Benjamin will fuss when you lay him down, and after a while, he will be quiet, and then you will walk in to check up on him and you will smell it . . . nap poop . . . I've never heard it called that but its a perfect name . . . and it is inevitable! You have a beautiful tummy! Its the one time that we moms can enjoy showing off our tummies! Keep the pictures coming!