Tuesday, May 5, 2009

once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a tiny baby boy. He lived in a beautiful, far away land called Ethiopia. This baby boy was so tiny that when he moved from his orphanage to the adoption agency's Transition Home, the nannies were afraid he would break.

There was one nanny that wasn't afraid to touch him. She took him as her own and took very good care of him, helping him to gain weight and develop. Without God supplying the orphanage, Transition Home, and special nanny, this baby boy would not have survived.
The tiny baby boy's name was Mezmur. Silas Mezmur.

Today, one year later, that baby boy is a thriving toddler.

Right now at that same Transition Home are babies just like Silas. They are coming in from areas of Ethiopia that have been ravaged by famine and there is no guarantee of survival.

These babies could have been Silas.

These babies could be our children.

These babies are God's children. We can do something!

I want to add that the pictures we have of Silas are well after he had been in our agency's care. The situation for the children, currently, is dire. Thanks to this family for connecting Tom Davis with America World. I think this is a picture of watching God's will unfold and what obedience to his nudges can bring.


E said...

Ah! Mezmur! I nearly forgot...and that is what I first called him! He was tiny, and oh-so-precious and cute. I'll never forget that giant pink binki covering that sweet, little face! I can't wait to meet the thriving toddler...I hope I get to do that before he turns into a thriving big boy!


Anonymous said...

The need is so great in Africa. I know that we have orphaned children close by each of us but God has truly given me a love for Africa, unlike anything I have ever known. I got an email update from T Davis' blog this morning about this and I hope God can help me to help them in some way. It amazes me the excuses that people will give when you ask them to help the orphans in Africa. I just started my team for Mocha Club and have contacted atleast 500 people and NOT ONE PERSON has agreed to join me and its ONLY $7 a month! These are God's children just like any others and they need US! By the way - Silas is growing into such a big boy:-) Tammy

Kari said...

Silas looks amazing:))
What a small world...Andrea & Pete Kidd are friends with Tom Davis. They have been working hand in hand to bring awareness & just helped him add a new orphanage to sponsor children at KIND HEART. Is that amazing how God works!!!
Andrea connected Tom with Duni & Furtuna while he was in Addis Ababa!!! What a great letter from our Duni angel!
love you & thanks for this amazing post today!!!

just-blooming-where-i'm-planted said...

OH...that sweet boy...I will never forget seeing his picture for the first time - it was if we could all see into your belly and LOOK at YOUR child!!! He warms my heart...

alisa said...

It's amazing how far our children have come -- truly a gift from God!!

Melodie Monberg said...

I just read your blog story about your. So beautifully written! Thank you for sharing your family and heart. LOVE IT!