Monday, May 18, 2009

busy, busy (means lots of pictures!)

My boy is growing UP! He's taken over MY water bottle. He's getting so verbal and just big. He understands so much more than I think he does. I tell him what we're going to do next and he goes for it. Every day there is something new and exciting. He recognizes himself in the mirror or a picture and yells, "Si Si"!! He's says Sophie, water, cheese, uh oh, bye, go, shoes, car, good girl....etc. Daily he brings me his shoes, his hat and my shoes to go outside. I think we could live outside. Silas is sooo sweet and he's also head strong. He knows what he wants and he's learning how to tell us what it is. Prime example: When I'm not looking in the right direction, he puts his hand on my face and moves it in the correct direction. He insists that we take turns with the water bottle too. Two seconds of sippage for him and then it's in my mouth before I know it. I'm just glad he doesn't share his milk. He's also doing really well in the church/MOPS nursery. That thrills my soul! And I've enjoyed some good church lately.

The last couple weeks have been busy, busy. I feel like the social director on the cruise ship, Daddy is Bye Bye. Almost home, but we've filled our days to make time pass quickly. We had a day at the lake with the Dragovich's and Schmidt's. We went to Raleigh to have documents certified at the Secretary of State and at the same time went with Candy and Henry to Marbles Kid's Museum (they give a military discount). That same day we got to see the Cordell's. Also got to spend an evening with Germany family is here with us and the other family is here is such a small world.

Adoption #2 Update: As mentioned before, we got our NC documents certified in Raleigh. We received our fingerprint letters so on Friday we're spending the day in Raleigh to get our fingerprints done at USCIS and then meet with our social worker for our 12 month Post Placement visit for Silas. After the fingerprints are processed they will send us our I171-H and that's the last document we need for our dossier. I need to take some pictures of the house and us, but that's no biggie. And we forgot about this online course we have to take...details. I'm not sure how long we'll wait this time. I figured I would wait until we turned in our "paper baby" before I asked our Family Coordinator. I'll let you know...

Here are some pictures of our adventures...

Watch out I come!

Sometimes we move so fast we need a little rest on the kitchen floor...

Or perhaps a little rest in the dog's bed...

Marbles Kid's Museum He'll be driving before we know it.

Silas and his buddy Henry...they were delivering packages.

Moooooooo. He pulled the cow out of the stall and laid on it and patted it.

Being sweet to a baby in the hospital section.

They call me the fireman...he wasn't very interested because he saw...

a HUGE fish tank!

And a boat. I couldn't believe he climbed right in with these school kids on a field trip. It's like he's saying, "Excuse me ladies. I've got this one under control."


Henry is so stinkin' cute!

In conclusion, we've had some fun lately!
Thanks for checking in!


Holly said...

He's a doll baby! Can't wait to see what God has planned for you guys!

Kari said...

AWWWWW I'm so jealous over all the fun get-togethers you've had this month w/ AW friends:))) I can't wait till the reunion!!!
Silas looks amazing & such a happy little guy...Zoie will fall in love:)
He'll swoop her off her feet!!
Drop by our blog & check out new fun pis of Zoie!!
Wish we lived closer!!

Autumn said...

Great pics Jill!