Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keep your eye on the prize

So, Silas is walking. He still prefers crawling, but I got some video of him yesterday while we played in our jammies in the backyard. Our beloved neighbors moved and left their son's broken gator for a couple of weeks until it can be disposed of. Silas is happy with it...he doesn't know it should have a motor. It's like the old riding toys in front of the grocery store that kids don't know are supposed to move until Grandma puts a quarter in it and forever changes the average trip to the grocery.

For a long time he's been quite capable of walking, but when giving the choice it's crawling. Our current favorite past time is walking up and down the street with our little grocery cart pictured in the post below. He's been known to throw a fit when it's time to head home. Just like his momma.

He's talking more too...his latest words are: Ball, Car, More, Shoe. He LOVES to see himself in the mirror and it sounds like he's trying to say "Silas" when he does. Mostly he's just happy to see himself.

Adoption 2 Update: I got my medical form today and Marshall plans to get his notarized on Monday. We are just waiting on our home study to be finished and then we'll wait on our I171-H form from immigration. That's all folks. And then we wait.

Thanks for checking on us! Remember to take a little time to play in the backyard in your's good for the soul.


Kari:) said...

I loved his sweet video walking :))) Yayyyy!! Zoie still crawling & loves to be carried around!! Hey, she's no fool:) LOL
So glad to hear you're almost DTE...WOW!!!

Autumn said...

GO Silas!!!

Rob & Candy said...

sooo cute!

Apryl said...

Way to go Silas!! I'm glad I made it here to see him moving :) Nervous anticipation for you with this paperchase--I retract all I ever said about adopting again, I just wanna live vicariously through you and then get to see the sweeties when they come home :) It's been a loooong week (but tomorrow is Friday). We should have spent the day in the yard in our jams!

Love you all!

K.P. said...

Hey friend. Love the video! What a big boy! Levi is off and running now, but a bit of a bow-legged walker. I'm thinkin' it's the fat rolls on the thighs...they always slow me down, but we'll keep an eye on it. :)

Oh, and I love Silas's jammies, but I must ask...are Mommy's just as cute??

Love ya!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Ooohhh! He's so cute walking!! in his jammies! I love those days. :)