Monday, April 27, 2009

17 whole months

My sweet boy turned 17 months old on Saturday. Just in the last three weeks, he has GROWN SO MUCH....physically, verbally, all around. One year ago today, we arrived in Ethiopia to meet this sweet boy. He was 5 months old. Times flies when you're having fun! Kisses, lots of kisses.

Saying "CHEESE"! Loves pictures of himself.Sand and Water table...messy fun! Can you believe I had dreams of the water and sand staying on their respectable sides. Amateur!
The following photos are what most of my Silas pictures look like lately....

Garden update: We have a red strawberry! And a few more are turning. I know, it's very exciting! Just be thankful I'm not posting weekly or daily growth pictures of the garden. That would guarantee losing all but about 2 of you.
Adoption Take 2 Update: On Friday our social worker (love her!) emailed our home study for us to read and make corrections. Emailed it back to her on Friday. We did forget one itsy bitsy detail...a background check from TX. I know, I know. You're thinking, "The FBI has checked you about 4 times now as well as North Carolina and Texas. Why do you need ANOTHER background check?!" Basically, it's for the safety of the children. Hopefully that will come back in a couple of weeks and we can keep on moving.

Since I can't sleep (why, oh why did I take a nap?) and it's late, here are some spiritual thoughts rolling around in my head lately...
When I just get through the day and then get through the week, I'm not really living; I'm just getting through. Jesus said that He came so we may have life. And not just life, but abundant life! Isn't that good news?! Jesus wants us to live abundantly, not just check the boxes and move on.
In related news...Jesus said, I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. (John 14:6) I love this verse. Jesus wants us to have abundant Life...He IS the Life. Keep your eyes on Him, friends. He's life.


Rob and Bri said...

I've been gone for a few weeks and had to read back a few posts but I can definetly say- YES!- Silas is bigger. Just looking at this post and then the "Eye of the Prize" one makes him look like a whole new kid. Happy one year of family hugs, by the way. =)

the Steiger's said...

Silas is getting so big. I can not wait to see you in the fall.

shawn and tisha said...

Happy one year as a family!! Silas is such a cute little guy :)

Rob & Candy said...

I love all the pictures!
I'm sorry to hear about the TX background check. I hope it arrives soon!