Friday, April 10, 2009

he's growing up before my eyes

Really. To me, it seems like this week Silas has grown by leaps and bounds. On Wednesday he went for his very first haircut. He sat all by himself in the chair and was a little unsure at first but after his stylist (he has a stylist) handed him a tube of lotion from her drawer, he was just fine.
We've had beautiful weather this week and we've spent a lot of time outside. Yesterday, out of the blue, Silas decided he would walk most of the day. He had been walking a lot with his little grocery cart or holding one of our hands, but that day he did it all alone. Today has been the same. It's so funny to see him mostly vertical. And with a great new haircut.

Above you can see that he was singing to himself as he walked.

Does this mean I have a toddler now?


Kari said...

OHHHHHHH....we heart Silas!!! He is so adorable in every photo. I especially love the one with the sun rays. Its the perfect Easter photo!!
We love you!!!
Happy Easter!

Amber said...

such a cute little hair cut! and yes, he's a toddler...but he'll always be your baby :)

Kilgo4 said...

These baby days pass by O too fast I am afraid. Your little prince is so adorable. You are a mighty blessed woman, my sister. We love you and miss your family.

K.P. said...

Love the hair. have a toddler and your life will NEVER be the same again. But, the good news is that in many ways it will be better. Just remember that you only have to worry when things get quiet. When that happens...RUN to see what he is doing. :)

Love ya!

Christy A. Whitaker Harris said...

I think his haircut lightened him up "just enough" to make him walk everywhere! :)

He will be big one day and you will look back and laugh at how far away it seemed! Just love every single day....even the long ones.

the Steiger's said...

I love his socks.
He sure is growing up. He was such a small baby when we saw him in ET.
love Lenka

Anonymous said...

He is precious! I love following your blog. We plan to adopt from Ethiopia through AWAA in the future so you are truly an inspiration for me!! P.S. Where did you find his shoes?? TOO CUTE!

Sheryll said...

Oh, Jill, Silas is totally adorable. Isn't this such a fun time?!? Everything is so new - such the adventure. Enjoy every minute, cause it goes by so quickly!
Love ya,