Monday, January 19, 2009


I've been cheating on you.

Yes, it's Facebook.

I know. You're hurt.

I just finished filling in the blog. Make sure you scroll down for "Merry Christmas, Ya'll", "On the Road Again", and "Blue Ridge Mountains, NC".

For some reason, Silas likes to sit right in the middle of this dog bed while we're in the kitchen. He quickly moves on, but he always makes a stop there. I call it his thinking chair...."where can I go next? What was that I touched that they said 'No Touch!'? I should go back there and see if that's still the case...."

Hmmm. This would be one of those places. I know it didn't send a good message to grab the camera, but I'm a blogger, people. And he was highly supervised. He's a helper, what can I say? Oh yeah, "NO Touch!"


K.P. said...

Embracing your adiction is the first step to a cure. Those that truly love you will stand by you in this trying time. We're still here for you...just don't make a habit out of it.

Ha Ha! What am I saying...I just left Facebook to come see if you had fessed up yet! :)

Enjoyed the update! You guys look great. Love the new pics!


Amber said...

my blog has taken a major hit due to all of the facebooking :)

Sheryll said...

I was wondering where you were - I've missed you and your blog. Thanks for updating. Facebook?!? I'm not ready to go there. I've got pictures of Mitchell and Cole on the dish washer door at about Silas' age - I think it's a right of passage thing . . .
Love ya,