Saturday, July 12, 2008

technical difficulties

Well, we're still here, but I can't get my laptop hooked up to high speed internet so I can't share any pictures with you.  My parents have a Mac with a wireless come I can't get online?  We have a Dell with wireless capabilities.  Seems like I should just be able to connect.  

Any suggestions welcomed.  Any computer literates still reading this blog?!

Offline in TX


Our Spot said...

Glad you are there and safe. Did you check your wireless button on the front of your computer? I always make that mistake! How's Silas doing? I am so sorry we weren't able to get together before you PCS'd. It's a small army.. I know we will see you again!
Love and hugs,

Dawn said...

Hey there - I am sure it's frustrating not being able to connect. Sorry, I'm not too techno-savy and would afraid to lend any advice. I hope you're online soon. We miss the Silas updates. Hope to see y'all in GA soon.