Thursday, July 31, 2008

sharing, unpacking, etc.

I forgot to tell you that Silas is up to 18 pounds as of last week. While in AL, my cousin weighed with and without him on the scale. Eighteen pounds of pure sweetness and squeels and giggles.

Did I tell you that he's up on all fours and will crawl at any minute? I want the boxes unpacked before that happens! There's no room for him to go anywhere at the moment.
A few days ago I was rocking the boy to sleep in his room. His big new bedroom with yellow walls and a pack and play. :) Now it's full and he can stretch out in that big crib. But I digress. I was rocking him while standing up and he was laying across me. Does that make sense? He loves to pull his paci out of his mouth and put it back in. He took his paci out and stretched his arm toward my face and then put it back in. Then he did it again, this time trying to place his paci in MY mouth. I laughed and then he laughed and then we just laughed together. Now that's his new thing when getting ready for a nap. He figured out that I have a mouth too and why wouldn't I want a paci? Doesn't everybody?!

What else was I going to tell you? About 6 times a day I say, "I need to blog about this." And then I forget. Both of our household goods shipments came yesterday. All went well and we are so happy to have all of our stuff. I purged before the pack up and now I'm purging more. Why do we have so much stuff? It's making me twitch. We got all of the beds up first and then Silas' room. I decided to tackle the kitchen first and it's starting to feel homey....minus the mountains of boxes.
I love our neighborhood. It's one of those open door policy streets where everyone is in and out of houses and standing in yards talking. There are also 5 chaplain families in about 8 houses....I think they're keeping us together to keep an eye on us.

My friend Kathleen posted about miraculous signs that God gives us. Read about one of those here. It got me thinking and I went back and looked up what day Silas arrived at the orphanage. I wondered what we were doing and thinking that day. I had a blog entry for December 13...I was honest about feeling frustrated about the process with no end in sight and had a good old fashioned public pity party. How the Lord must have been smiling at me. Little did I know, half a world away, our baby arrived at the orphanage that very day. He was about to be an orphan no more. Thanks Kathleen for reminding me to see those miracles!
Our new social worker is coming on the 11th for our 3 month post placement visit. Can you believe it? Three months? So much has happened in those 3 months.

Silas is napping so I need to use this time to empty boxes. But I wanted to say hi and we're still here.

Love to ya'll!


Rob & Candy said...

He gets cutier everyday!

Sheryll said...

Glad to hear that you are settling into your new home . . . aren't boxes like rabbits . . . the more you unpack, the more you think that they multitply!! I can remember unpacking a box and then turn around and see two more!! I love reading your blog! It always brings a smile to my face!! I miss you! Enjoy NC, we do when we are there with our families!
Love ya,

Susan & Randy said...

Silas is getting so big! He's going to be crawling around your house and getting into everything soon. You think you've got it baby proofed and then bam, they get mobil and they show you how much you missed.

It sounds like you have a great neighborhood, what a blessing to have good neighbors.

K.P. said...

Hey!! I was reading along and then got to the "good friend Kathleen" and had to think...OH..That's me! She's talking about our story! Glad it was a highlight for you. I've had good feedback. God is good and gives us good stories to share. I hope that Levi appreciates his story.

Glad to "see" you again!