Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yep, I'm nesting. My mom ordered us the bedding we picked our for Noah and it came this week. (thanks Mom & Dad!) It is really the cutest bedding I've ever seen....seriously.

So now we are still on the search for a crib. It's harder than it sounds. Not many, if any, stores will ship cribs overseas. And German cribs are a different size. And let's just say the selection at the PX leaves a lot to be desired. Anybody have a cherry wood crib that their babes are finished with? Let us know. :)

Today we got Noah a pac n play that we'll use as a bassinet. We looked at it several times and decided today was the day it needed to come home with us.

And we got a "home study in the mail" update. The certified home study and certified agency agreement have been mailed to our adoption agency. They were supposed to come back to us so we could mail our entire dossier together, but hopefully that will be ok. Also, a copy has been sent to us and most importantly a copy has been sent to USCIS (immigration...homeland security) at the Frankfurt Consulate for that last piece of paper we need to be complete.

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