Sunday, February 7, 2010


Two whole years ago today, we saw this sweet face for the first time.

Marshall and I sat together on our couch in Germany and scrolled through the email so we could finally see his face. That face took our breath away. Knocked it right out of me. Those eyes took hold of me and haven't let go since.

I expect they never will. Two years later, most of my time is spent with this little guy. What a gift God has given us. He was sooooo hard to wait for, but it was all worth it. In fact, most of the biggest blessings in our lives come with a wait.

Silas Mezmur Coen, you are a miracle! Only by God's grace are we a family. I'm honored that He orchestrated a million bajillion details so that we could come together. You are our first born son. You made me a Momma. You make my heart ache with love. You crack me up.

God's plan for your life is perfect and I can't wait to see it unfold.


The Fab 4 said...

I never ever tire of reading people's adoption stories. There is NOTHING like meeting your child for the first time--via email or in person. Silas is a complete doll and no doubt Jude will be, too.

Holly said...

Amen! I didn't know ya'll were in Germany when you adopted Silas.
I wonder what that was like with a homestudy and such!
Can't wait to meet Jude via blog!
Praying for you and for your hubby so far away.
Mine JUST came home.

Christy Harris said...

I will never forget being on the "outside" looking in at your anticipation...and THEN...that picture came!! You put it in a frame and we stopped by the house and brought out that sweet you were bringing out a newborn. I wanted to HUG it!! Those eyes went right through me too...and the first time I saw him my entire "mommy self" just exploded!! SILAS WAS HERE! He was like a movie star to us...we had journeyed with you through the adoption HE WAS HERE!! You have been a Momma to him for so long...long before Ethiopia chose him for you...God chose him for you. are a blessing and an inspiration to women everywhere.