Thursday, February 11, 2010

i can't think of a clever title...

Well, I had my last OB appointment yesterday. There was a little progress since last week...50% effaced and he has dropped a bit. She scheduled me to be induced next Wednesday, the 17th, unless he comes before then.

We are BELIEVING that he is coming before then!! Let's be honest. I don't want to be induced. I'm still feeling good and would rather my body go into labor on its own.

Please join me in praying that Jude makes his debut before the 17th.

God is in control and we trust Him! Thanks for your prayers!!


E said...

I'm hoping for TODAY!!! I'm rather fond of the 11th since that's the day I gave birth to what I'm saying here is that pretty awesome boys are born on this day (obviously). ;)

Hang in there!!!


Apryl said...

We will be praying specifically that he arrives before then! Have you been doing laps at the mall with a jogging stroller :) That worked for me (though you are probably tired of hearing the 'that worked for me' stories).
big hugs!