Tuesday, December 15, 2009

growing belly

My little Jude, dancing in my belly as I type, reminded me to post these pictures. I'm feeling really good. Honestly by this time I thought I'd be waddling and uncomfortable. Instead I feel wonderful. I think because I can't really sit still with Silas, I haven't had a chance to feel uncomfy. Darn those occasional leg cramps in the middle of the night (like bad charlie horses).

I don't think I really look 8 months preggo, but my mom says she was smaller than me, so I guess I'm "normal". Stop laughing. Had a doc appointment last week and all looks good and is measuring on target.

29 weeks 1 day (because I'm sure the one day makes a big difference).

31 weeks

A couple of weeks ago I tested positive for Gestational Diabetes. Oh joy. Actually my doc visit confirmed that all is going well with that. I'm controlling it with diet and keeping track of glucose levels by sticking my finger 4 times per day. Sweet Jude, you're worth it. Because of the GD, I had to go see a "high risk OB/GYN". Since he gave me a good report, he said I could continue seeing my Nurse Midwife which makes me really happy.

Working on the nursery now and feeling the nesting coming on. Going to childbirth classes and after those videos, I'll never be the same. Actually after the miracle of this birth, I know I'll never be the same.

I turned 32 weeks on Sunday (yesterday), but I haven't taken a picture yet. I'll add it when I do.

Hope you're in the Christmas spirit and getting ready for the ultimate birth...Jesus!


the Steiger's said...

Looking GOOD!

Amber said...

you look great! and hey, good taste in names! our oldest son's name is Gibson Jude, and we almost named our little ET cutie Jude because we just like it so much, but after we saw him knew he was a Silas.
awesome that you feel so great!

Autumn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Jude!!! You are looking great, as usual! Glad to know you and baby Jude are healthy!
Miss you!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh, girl. I am SO with you on the "I am pretty healthy and green, except for my ridiculous addiction to the chemical cocktail that is Diet Coke" thing!!!

OurFamily said...

You look just wonderful!! So happy that you are doing well. Does Silas talk to your belly?

Fellowship 686 said...

You look so beautiful Jill!! Love his name! So excited for you all!

Apryl said...

I love the name Jude!! Love it!! You look fantastic--the waddling will come later, but thankfully it's just a bit before babe decides to arrive. Hardest is not having a lap for the waiting brother to sit on :) I'm so excited for you and praying as you wait.