Monday, March 2, 2009

a weekend away

What a fabulous weekend! We headed up to Williamsburg, Virginia for a marriage retreat at the Great Wolf Lodge. Have you been there? Sooo fun. It has an indoor waterpark, spa, Starbucks...sold. We will be going back when we have more time to enjoy Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown. GWL was a destination in itself.

Don't say I never gave you pictures! Here are some highlights from the weekend...

Big boy faces forward for the first time and loves it!

Yes, Sophie has a car seat too. Safety first, safety always!

This is what Silas does when you say, "Peek-a-boo!"

It seems that every single one of his remaining teeth are coming in...right this second. Ouch!

This means "All done". "Take away the food before I throw it all on the floor."

Don't worry...this was totally supervised. He's looking to make sure I'm watching.

His new favorite thing to do is climb.

Then we headed north to see some friends in the NOVA area. Hoped to meet with President Obama, but he was busy. Maybe next time...
We headed home today in the cold, rain. We stopped in Petersburg, Virginia and saw the house that my MIL grew up in and the home Marshall lived in when he was 3. Fun day, fun weekend.
Adoption 2 update: Came home to a pile of mail. Lots of books to read on adoption, birth certificates, and reference letters. I will run those by our family coordinator and then send them off for state certification. Last week we mailed off our I600-A and state background checks. Hopefully our medical forms can be finished up this week as well. We only need about two more things before we can send all of our home study information to our social worker and get started on that.
What is Silas up to? Tonight he asked for "nana", also know as a banana, and I was totally impressed. He loves to climb and play with his toys and read his books. Loves to throw balls and tug of war with Sophie. He's on a carb kick and I think it has something to do with his teeth. Peek-a-boo and "All Done" are my current faves. I need to look up some more sign language to teach him. He is fully capable of walking and will walk with me holding one of his hands, but he will not walk on his own. I guess he has no need. He's a true joy and I love being his momma. And it's so fun to watch him be so all about his Daddy right now. He loves him some Daddy.
One more thing about our weekend...there was a family at the hotel that I noticed. It was actually a group of Caucasian women and little girl who was African American and I'd say about 3. I saw the Mom at the elevator and she said that she loves to see other families that look like theirs. Me too.
There was a conference going on for Student Pastors while we were there. I was visiting with someone in our group and Marshall had Silas. They found two families that were adoptive families. They both started their paperwork for China at the same time. One family had their 16 month old daughter home from China. The other family was leaving in two weeks to pick up their daughter from China...well the Mom was going to China and the Dad was staying home with their two babies that came after they were waiting on their biological daughter and one domestic daughter they found out about the day she was born....5 days after their biological daughter was born.
I share this, not so you'll say, oh maybe you'll get pregnant, yada yada. For me, that's actually not what I hope will happen. I'm telling you to show you what happens when we surrender our plans to the Lord. That family gave up on their plan four years ago. Now they have 3 daughters and are thinking about their next adoption....I love it!
How's this for the longest post ever???! Thanks for checking on us.


E said...

What a fun weekend! We love our weekend getaways! We're planning one in April...or May. As soon as we can (Kevin's out of town unexpectedly on business & I'm going to Europe in two weeks while the boys go to PHX). weekend getaways!

I love what you shared at the end there. I needed to read that in this moment. I wasn't going to read any more blogs, but I'm doing FB on Sundays only and took a peek and saw your status and came over...I don't think it was by accident. ;)

Have a great week!


K.P. said...

Hey. Good to see you...well, Silas and Sophie anyway. :) Loved the story. I have certainly learned my surrender lesson. I don't make plans...just follow instructions. (At least that's my goal for things to go well.) :)

Still need to call you....**shameful sigh**.

Love ya!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Very satisfying post!!! Hahaha fun to see and read! It's fun to have a blog to start stalking again now that you guys are paper chasing again...yeah!!! :)
S. it just sooo stinkin' cute!!! It looks (and sounds!) like he has a really fun personality!
Hope you have a great week. :)

Heather and Stephen said...

good to catch up. Miss y'all! and mr. squishy cheeks is SO BIG!! :)

Danielle said...

I just love reading your blog. It's so easy and good and fun and meaningful all rolled into one...oh, and with great pictures :) I'm glad the marriage conference was meaningful. And that your paperwork for adoption #2 is going well. And that Silas COULD NOT BE ANY CUTER. get the point. Love, Danielle

Matt and Brooke said...

Jill, I hope you don't mind that I found your blog through your facebook page. How cool that you are in the midst of paperwork for baby#2. Can you believe you're ready for that?! I can't believe I am either! I'm looking forward to our friendship this year. See you next Wednesday!

Carpenters said...

That sounds like you had a wonderful weekend away! Gabe and I are actually going to visit some friends in Williamsburg next week, but first we are going to be in your neck of the woods. Tomorrow, we're heading down to Raleigh. We would love to get together if you're available.


P.S. I love all the cute pictures of Silas!

Sims Family said...

Haha we went to the GWL here in Texas on the 3&4th of March while Drew was on R&R we all had a blast. Glad all is well Silas is adorable as always and getting to big