Wednesday, March 18, 2009

adoption: take 2 update

Well, we're chuggin' right along on the paperchase for #2 and #3 Coen. Last week we met for our first home study meeting. Tonight is meeting number two and Monday is the final home visit. We are lacking a couple of notaries and a few NC state certifications. I'm going to wait until the home study is finished so I can take everything to Raleigh and do it in one day. We mailed our I600-A on February 24, but haven't heard anything back from them. From what I understand, they will contact us with an appointment to be fingerprinted.
A lot of the adoption process is "hurry up and wait".
A lot of the life process is "hurry up and wait".
Our official request is two children, 0 to 5 years old. That could look like a lot of different things.
Isn't it exciting?

This is what I have to do when I vacuum. Silas either has to be on my hip or watching from the couch. Sophie too...

This is Silas this morning, on our way to MOPS. It's finally another beautiful day today and we both smiled all the way. One of our fave things to do on a pretty day is roll down all of the windows and let the wind blow in our faces. And then we scream and laugh really loud.
Speaking of MOPS, Silas likes it more and more each time. He sobs when he sees me come to pick him up, but I know he enjoys himself. I usually sneak up to the window to see how he's doing before he sees me. The ladies are really sweet to him and to see him enjoy other children makes me happy. And I enjoy the time with other Moms. It's a win/win. Hate to see it break for the summer.
Thanks for checking in on us! I need to go get us ready to travel for our home study appointment later.
My sweet little Coens...we're coming as fast as we can!


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Yeah! Very exciting! :)

Rob and Bri said...

2 more! Oh, I didn't now you were paperchasing 2 kiddos (along with actually chasing both Silas and Sophie)-- this just makes me doubly excited for you. Thanks for the update and pics.I was needing a bite of Coen news in my day today.

shawn and tisha said...

Sounds like you're moving right along with your paperwork! Yay!

misskorilyn said...

jill!! miss you and silas! he's so stinkin' cute!! i am praying for swift paperchasing!! love, kori lyn

K.P. said...

Wow. You go girl. You are doing great and I am so excited for you. Sadly, I fear you will NOT carry a care package for us THIS time. :) Maybe for Coen #4. :) What?? Did Marshall just pass out???

Love ya!
PS: Soccer is over this my room ready??

The Albertsons said...

Hey Jill!
So great to read your update...
And, I'm pretty sure Sam is my "own" too... right?!?!?!

Sabrina said...

Jill, Marshall and Silas - Wow that is incredible, wonderful news! You will be blessed with just the right babe/kiddo combo to add to the Coen clan. Will have you in thought and prayer in this new process so make sure you update a whole lot : ) . All fine with us over here in Oxford. Spring is in full swing so the town is tops...

Tracy said...

so very excited about your new kiddos on the way!!! it goes so much faster the second time around doesn't it??? can't wait to follow along!

The Fab 4 said...

Jill, I'm so excited for you. Somehow I missed that you guys are adopting again. Funny thing, so are we! Tracy is right, the LONG list of documents to get seems like nothing the second time around.

Silas is SOOOO VERY cute! I just want to squeeze him!