Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have seen this on some other blogs and decided to copy.

We have been waiting for our boys' referral for 5 weeks now. In the grand scheme of things, this is no time at all. But don't get me wrong....we're ready. :)

The time has moved pretty quickly considering all of the action for other families in our agency, two out of the last three weeks.

Praying for more activity this week! And for the families in the new waiting stage for court appointments and travel plans.

Thanks for checking in!

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E said...

Our referral came at 11 weeks, which was sooner than it was "supposed" to according to the estimate. But, I read on another awaa blog that one of the families who recently received a referral only waited a month! I'm not sure if that is accurate...because it was someone else's blog (not the referral family). I think the wait has to be wholly dependent upon when our kids are ready for us. Even if we are so ready for them...right now! I know I'm ready to go pick up my little guy now. Waiting for our court date has been the hardest waiting so far!