Saturday, March 17, 2007

Speed Bumps & Almost Complete Homestudy

Well, the home study is almost complete. We are just lacking our FBI background check and state background check. Our agency requires three visits, so we meet with our social worker on Thursday for our last face to face meeting. Yeah!

Speaking of the background checks.....speed bumps. A couple of weeks ago, we got an email from the FBI. I almost put it in the junk mail folder because I didn't recognize the address. I made a mistake....I sent a personal check for the fee instead of a cashier's check or money order. We were able to fax our credit card number so we didn't have to wait for the mail to send it back.

Then.....this week, we got a big envelope from Texas. I thought it was our background check.....until I opened it. It was all that we had sent them: the cover letter, finger prints, and envelope. The other letter was what was incomplete in our request. Can you believe we forgot to sign the fingerprint cards? And put our address and SSN on the fingerprint cards? Well, maybe we didn't forget, just didn't realize that was necessary?

Oh well, the speed bumps are there for a reason. We're just trying to relax and enjoy the ride. God is in control!

On the dossier side of the house, things are going well too. We are waiting for things to come back that we sent back to their respective states to be certified. Pray that they come back timely and correct. Soon we'll need to go to the lawyer to have some things notarized and a power of attorney done for the agency. We have to write a letter to the Ethiopian government saying who we are and why we want to adopt a child from Ethiopia. This is harder than I thought it would be, but almost finished.

Regular life is going well. Thank you for your prayers and checking in on us!

Hopefully there will be more to update soon! :)

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