Monday, March 19, 2007

All Clear on the Federal Level

It came today!!! Our FBI background checks!!! Thank you Lord!

Marshall called me at work and asked if I wanted the good news or the bad news? First he told me that the background checks had come. I couldn't believe it. I just knew that it had gotten kicked back again.

So he says, "We forgot to sign the fingerprints and put our social security number on them." I of course swore that we had signed them, but then remembered that was on the set that went to the consulate. My heart sunk.

Then he says, "But I guess it didn't matter. They are processed and good to go!"

I told him that was really mean and next time he should just tell me only the good news. I guess it was funny. Yeah, it was. :)

Now we can take them to show our social worker on Thursday. Please pray that the state check comes soon too, so she can complete our home study.

We know that God's hand is in this. We praise Him for His perfect plan. We are so thankful that He is allowing us this journey. I don't understand how people do life without Him.

I should be in bed now, but I had too much coffee tonight with a group of precious ladies. Maybe that second latte machiatto was a bad idea for sleep purposes, but it was sure good. And the fellowship was even better. Thanks ladies!

I'll go play with Sophie now. She is acting like she had too much coffee too.

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