Friday, September 11, 2009

someone is almost 2

Someone, who shall remain nameless, found an almost brand new pack of wipes (in our still packed the middle of the floor....from last weekend in Branson).
His mother must have been doing something productive for the 5 seconds he wasn't in her sight.

This sweet child would never doing something like that, now would he?


the Steiger's said...

wait till he gets his hands on toilet paper:)
He is a cuttie.
love, Lenka

Autumn said...

I think Sophie did it.
Just wait... the messes only get bigger!

Rob & Candy said...

I think the same "Wipe fairy" has visited our house! Please, I beg of you, hide the vaseline now! Spare yourself from the vaseline fairy it is not pretty- heeehee. I love this age.

OurFamily said...

Oh how funny... all of the things I have to look forward to! At least I have you to warn me!