Sunday, August 2, 2009

so much to tell you

It's been a while, friends. Sorry about that. Lots has been going on, so here's the short version. More later....

1. We've moved to Texas.
2. Marshall's deploying.
3. We have to put our adoption on hold for a while.
4. I'm pregnant.
5. It's hot in Texas.
6. God is good!

Love ya'll! Sorry no pictures...we're not hooked up at the new house yet. I'll be back, I promise!


Holly said...

God is good!
It is hot in Texas but the winters are divine!
Keep writing!
Miss you here!

Anonymous said...

I just had a visitor to my blog.. via yours.
I had to link over and see if you were back to blogging.
Quite a blog post!
Wow. Girl.
A baby???!!!
Whoo hoo!

Kari said...

Jill, OMGooodness... I just popped on to see what was new:)) Congrats sister on your pregnancy!!! WOW!!!!! So thrilled for your family. What special miracle news. Are you still coming to the reunion. I'm holding a room for you at my house:)
love ya!!
Come by the blog and say hi.

Chase and Laura Bowers said...

Jill, I say your blog on the blog list on Kari's and a few other adoption blogs I read. We are with AWAA adopting from Rwanda. I just read that you are in TX and that your husband is deploying- just wondering if you guys are stationed at Ft. Hood? We live in Temple, about 15 min from Ft. Hood and thought it would be fun if you were an adoptive family close in our vicinity! It is super hot here right now, but Fall and Winter are mild and super nice!! Laura Bowers

Sarah said...

I've missed you, Jill! Hope you are feeling well. Keep us posted about Marshall's deployment - glad you are near family during this time.

Autumn said...


tisha said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I know God will help your next adoption happen at just the right time. Saying a prayer for you guys. :)

Amy and Amelia AiChun said...

JILL!!! We were in Killeen this past weekend and heard your news through the grapevine! I am sorry you have had to put your adoption on hold, but what a wonderful reason to need to do so! Congrats to you and Marshall. We'll be praying for you during the deployment and pregnancy.

Amy & Amelia

Sheryll said...

Yeah, glad to see you back on your blog - looking forward to pictures later :)

Apryl said...

SO relieved to see you back here :) I've been wanting to call, but was ashamed at how slowly I'm progressing through Hope Lives and didn't want to admit it! I've just read some GREAT books--when you have time (in like 3 years) I'll pass them along to you :) I hope you are doing well, call me when you are up to it!
many hugs,

Jenn said...

Holy smokes!! Congratulations!

Brandy said...

Just too fun! Praise God for the little one. Jason is deployed too. Where are you in TX. Maybe we could catch up?

Jeannette Eisenhauer said...

Ahhh! This is sooooooooo cool! Congratulations! I am so so happy for you!
Kind of hard to keep my excitement in...

K.P. said...

I was wondering if you had lost your blog password in the move. :) Hee hee! Thanks for the update! Now...where's that baby bump??? :)

Love ya!

Karen said...

Jill, what a LOT of news! I just checked your blog for the first time in about a month (I've been behind on my adoption buddies blog-stalking) and wanted to see how adoption #2 has been progressing... wow! Hope you are liking TX. Wish we could meet you at the AW reunion. :(

*karen b

Danielle said...

Jill, Haven't visited in awhile. It's amazing how people you even feel a kindred spirit with you don't check up on for way too long! Congratulations on your pregnancy and second adoption. You will be so wonderfully (and sometimes crazily!) busy.